IWS Children’s Clinic

Over a century ago, a group of caring and determined women set out to care for the health of our community’s children, who were becoming sick from contaminated milk. What began as a clean milk station for infants has matured into the IWS Children’s Clinic. At this thriving medical home, vulnerable children receive high quality medical, dental, and behavioral services.

Today the need for access to health services for children in our community continues. Thanks to generous support like yours, our clinic can serve as a medical home for them. We appreciate your support as we move into our next 100 years of service.

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Giving Back Childhoods

Thousands of childhoods have gone missing. Smiles have vanished. Where there was once a childhood, now we have…
Ayden, who suddenly supports his single, struggling parent.
Maria and her brother Marco who are in distress after the loss of their parents.
Chloe who stopped eating because of what she thought she saw in the mirror.
Shania who was sexually assaulted but did not tell anyone for fear of what the family would say.

The OPRF Infant Welfare Society provides behavioral health services for kids like Ayden, Maria, Marco, Chloe and Shania. We help find resources for parents. Therapy to help understand the loss of a parent. We identify the right facility to treat teenage depression and support services for survivors of sexual abuse. We nurture resilient and healthy children through ongoing care. But we need more resources to help more kids.

Give generously. Together we can give back childhoods.

Home-iest of Medical Homes

Children visiting the IWS Children’s Clinic will not only receive high quality health care, as part of our expansion they will also enter a welcoming space designed with them in mind. The clinic transformation includes a new Therapeutic Mural; a whimsical illustration that will engage kids with playful characters, educational motifs and health-living portrayals. We are harnessing the power of imagery in a new and innovative way to guide the healthy growth and healing of children.

And, the warmth of the clinic experience will not stop there. As each child leaves, they will choose a book from our newly renovated Giving Library – just one more of the many steps we are taking to be the home-iest of medical homes.

Planned Giving

We invite you to become a Legacy Giver to OPRF Infant Welfare Society. If you would like more information on how to designate a planned gift, please contact Mindy Ondrla at (708) 848-0528 x231.

One Child’s Story

Meet Lionel

11-year-old Lionel* had trouble in school. He had anxiety when going to the doctor and dentist. He feared group settings. In these situations, he would often act out and was unable to calm himself. Upon meeting a social worker at the IWS Children’s Clinic, Lionel’s dedicated mother opened up about her pain of not knowing how to help her son. Recognizing a larger problem at the root of Lionel’s behavior, the social worker referred him to the Clinic’s therapist, who diagnosed him with an anxiety-related emotional disorder.

In therapy, Lionel learned about identifying his stressors and feelings, and his body’s responses to those emotions. He learned tools to recognize and prevent anxiety, and how to calm himself when emotions ran high. Later, he progressed well enough to enter group therapy at the Clinic and practiced using his tools in social situations. His grateful mother also learned skills to support her and her son. Lionel will soon finish group therapy with a healthy understanding of his disorder and the ability to not only cope, but to experience a happy childhood.

Your donation provides kids like Lionel access to mental health screenings, behavioral therapies, and social services. Please give today.

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(*) Name changed for privacy.

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