What would happen if there was no Children’s Clinic?

The Children’s Clinic is a critical safety net, the last resort for many children and families with health challenges, limited means and difficult home circumstances in Chicago and the near west suburbs.

With your gift, you help us ensure essential services at the Children’s Clinic. From birth to age 18, and every developmental milestone in between – we provide Heartfelt Healthcare for nearly 3,500 children each year.

Help make our safety net stronger by making a tax-deductible gift to the OPRF Infant Welfare Society.

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Heartfelt Healthcare: Why it’s important & how we do it

It’s Medical, but it’s also health education and helping the family. It’s Dental, but it’s also behavioral health and mentoring health professionals. Treating the whole child takes a community of partners and volunteers. It’s why we have strong relationships with organizations throughout the community. We help a vulnerable population and, for many of our patients, our services are a safety net. That’s why it really matters what services we offer – and how we deliver them. From Pediatrics and Dentistry to Behavioral Health and Nutrition Counseling, our welcoming Children’s Clinic provides quality, heartfelt healthcare for the whole child.

Home-iest of Medical Homes

Children visiting the IWS Children’s Clinic not only receive high quality health care, they enter a special space designed with them in mind. A unique, therapeutic mural welcomes children throughout the halls of the clinic with whimsical illustrations that engage with playful characters, educational motifs and health-living portrayals.

After a visit with a doctor, children may be invited to meet one of our truly special providers – a pet therapy dog. These specially trained dogs can bring calm to a child that may be anxious and happiness to a child that is unable to have a pet of their own. Our pet therapy dogs are warm, patient and loving and bring another level of cozy to our clinic.

And, the warmth of the clinic experience does not stop there. Each child that visits is invited into our custom Giving Library, where they are welcome to choose a book to become theirs to keep – just one more of the many steps we take to be the home-iest of medical homes.

Planned Giving

We invite you to become a Legacy Giver to OPRF Infant Welfare Society. If you would like more information on how to designate a planned gift, please contact Kristin Schmidt at (708) 406-8661.


Caring for a vulnerable child

Mya, a mother of three severely autistic children, recently relocated to Chicago and she needed help. Our pediatrician, Dr. Stephanie Weller, and our Director of Behavioral Health, Denise Gonzalez, worked with Mya to implement an integrated care plan to help manage their complex medical needs. By taking it one step at a time – keeping appointments, managing medications, and improving nutrition – the family was able to see significant improvements in the children’s health. Now, better equipped to manage day-to-day living, Mya was able to return to work.

Your donations can help families like these and many more.

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