Heartfelt Healthcare – from Head to Toe

Behavioral Health & Social Service

We view mental health as a basic and fundamental element of every child’s overall health.

Our services include:

  • Developmental & behavioral health screenings
  • Short- term intervention
  • On-going case management
  • Referrals for family support
  • Referrals to mental health agency partners

For this reason, we’ve included a social worker at most well-child medical visit since 1920. Recently, there is also the connection to a Social Worker for the clinic’s dental patients. Now, most patients who visit the clinic for their preventative dental visits will also be screened and have access to speak with a Social Worker. This differentiating feature is critical to treating the child as a whole. Ideally children should enjoy life, play, and learn in a safe place; however, many children are not able to live up to this idealistic picture. At the clinic, Social workers help the caregivers (mother, father, foster parent, or guardian) understand their child’s behavior as being complex and affected by factors (physical health, mental health, home environment, social and economic challenges). We all work as a team to meet your needs.

Social Work Encounters
Short-term Intervention
Mental Health Assessments
Case Management Assistance
Medication Monitoring