100 Years of Healthy Kids

A Note from the President & Executive Director

Dear Friends, We are delighted you helped us to celebrate the historic Centennial Anniversary of the Oak Park River Forest Infant Welfare Society and our success in positively impacting the lives of thousands of children and families over the past century. We could not have reached this memorable milestone without the support of our community. However, we are not a group to rest on our laurels. In anticipation of this momentous occasion, we devoted considerable time to contemplating our future, recognizing that the world in which we now live and the communities we serve are continuously changing. We have emerged from this process reinvigorated and more committed than ever to the one constant we can control; our steadfast commitment to ensuring the health and well-being of children.

Operating in a climate where healthcare funding is under intense pressure, we have taken steps to ensure our ongoing financial sustainability and grow our ability to help even more children and expand the depth of our programs. Most recently, we implemented an expansion of our special needs pediatric dental program and established a pet therapy program. We also hired our first IWS Executive Director, launched a major gift philanthropy program, made plans to significantly grow our membership, including admitting men -- with the very first men’s group now in place!

As we honor our past, celebrate the present and anticipate the future, the IWS Board of Directors and membership extend our heartfelt appreciation to our 100th Anniversary Chairpersons, Peggy Diamond and Mary Anderson, for all their efforts to make the anniversary year celebration especially meaningful.

We look forward to continued partnerships as we endeavor to make a difference in the lives of children for many years to come.

With warm regards,

Lynne Williams

Peggy LaFleur
Executive Director

100th Anniversary Events

The Oak Park River Forest Infant Welfare Society celebrated the centennial throughout 2016 with three 100th Anniversary events:

Special Centennial Celebration Events

Thank you for your support of the Oak Park River Forest Infant Welfare Society during our 100th Anniversary!

Join us and volunteer your time and talents for a great cause. For information on membership, call 708.848.0528 ext. 235 or fill out our member form.


Past Presidents

1915-16   Mrs. William D. Fisk
1924-25   Mrs. E. William McReady
1926-27   Mrs. Charles D. Heile
1928-29   Mrs. Frank A. Elliot
1931-32   Mrs. Telfar MacArthur
1933-34   Mrs. George Wallerich
1935-36   Mrs. R.E. Cantwell, Jr.
1937-38   Mrs. Sanford Percy
1939-40   Mrs. Gordon D. Shorney
1941-42   Mrs. Harold Davis
1943         Mrs. Henry B. Todd
1944-45   Mrs. Hugh R. Adams
1946-47   Mrs. N. Leslie Towle
1948         Mrs. Robert Horton
1949-50   Mrs. Fred A. Allen
1951         Mrs. Cleveland White
1951         Mrs. Robert Horton
1952-53   Mrs. Paul Fox
1954-57   Mrs. Irvin Houck
1958-59   Mrs. Paul Vanverst
1960-61   Mrs. Phillip VanVlack Jr.
1962-63   Mrs. Robert Sharer
1964-66   Mrs. John D. Wachman Jr.
1966-67   Mrs. Norman McCleavey Jr.
1968-69   Mrs. Frank Kirvanek
1969-71   Mrs. Walter Forbes
1971-73   Mrs. Robert Ransom
1973-75   Mrs. John D. Murphy
1975-77   Mrs. Kirk D. Holland
1977-79   Mrs. William Chase
1979-81   Mrs. Jane Christian
1981-83   Mrs. Roger J. Modder
1983-85   Mrs. Richard H. Blankshain
1985-87   Mrs. David A. Lodge
1987-89   Mrs. Frank Paris
1989-91   Mrs. James E. Howie Jr.
1991-93   Mrs. F. Dean Lueking
1993-95   Mrs. Frank Debits
1995-97   Kathleen Sullivan Kaska
1997-99   Mary Jane Gage
1999-01   Carol Lingenfelter
2001-03   Diane Menza
2003-07   Mary Anderson
2007-11   Leah Beckwith
2011-13   Jennifer GoodSmith
2013-17   Lynne Williams

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