Oak Park River Forest Infant Welfare Society

The Board of Directors, Auxiliary Board, and Staff Executive Leadership all have an abiding commitment to assuring the health and well being of children.

2017-2018 Board of Directors


Debbie Blanco (Circle 4)

Vice President
Kelly Turner (Circle 41)

Joy Fulton (Circle 4)

Suzi Schrader (Circle 41)

Auxiliary Board
Sarina Butler (Circle 41)

Board Advisor
Lynne Williams (Circle 2)


Ann Anderson (Circle 4)
Bruce Elegant (Community)
Kim Goldschmidt (Men’s Circle)
Phillip Jimenez (Community)
Krista Kaplan (Circle 41)
Geoff McClelland (Community)
Rosanne McGrath (Circle 2) Michele Moore (Circle 41)
Cam Niederman (Circle 4)
Terry Puchley (Community)
Lauren Robertson (Community)
Cindy Rohlfing (Circle 4)
Conrad Terry (Community)

Executive Director
Peggy LaFleur

2017-2018 Auxiliary Committee


Sarina Butler (Circle 41)

Mary Deziel (Circle 2)


Janet Debits (Circle 1)
Penny Egerter (Circle 1)
Erin O'Donnell Clark (Circle 2)
Suzanne Holmes (Circle 2)
Brittany Keller (Circle 4)
Julianne Nery (Circle 4)
Mary Hirsen (Circle 31)
Nancy Wohlford (Circle 31)
Beth McBride (Circle 14/32)
Maureen Powers (Circle 14/32)
Suzi Schrader (Circle 41)
Debbie Wholey (Circle 41)


Executive Director
Peggy LaFleur, MBA, MHA

Medical Health Director
Stephanie Weller, MD

Oral Health Director
Wanda Laszcz, DDS

Director of Behavioral Health
Denise V. Gonzalez, MSW

Director of Finance & Operations
Annie Shen, MA

Director of Office & Information Services
Betty Alanis

Director of Strategic Marketing
Katie O’Brien, MBA

Director of Development
Mindy Ondrla

Director of Grant Funding
Lynda Murphy

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Message from the President

Dear Members and Friends,

Since 1916, the Infant Welfare Society has worked tirelessly to improve the health and well-being of disadvantaged children in our community. We will strive to serve even more children who need our help in the coming year, as the demand for our services is greater than ever. Today, the Society, 120 members strong, is the single largest benefactor to the IWS Children’s Clinic, raising 10% of its budget. Thanks to Society gifts, foundation grants, community donors and Medicaid funding, the IWS Children’s Clinic this year was able to provide medical, dental and behavioral health care to 3,229 children in 9,996 visits.

The leadership, members and volunteers of the Society and our Clinic staff have worked diligently to fulfill our mission and maintain positive momentum in a very challenging and changing healthcare environment. The Affordable Care Act and the move to Medicaid managed care in the State of Illinois introduces a healthcare delivery model that is focused on coordination of care, a model to which our Clinic has long been committed with its approach to holistic care. Serving both the physical and mental health needs of children, our IWS Children’s Clinic is as relevant today as it was when we opened our doors 98 years ago.

As we prepare for our Centennial Celebration in 2016, the Infant Welfare Society is grateful to so many in our community for supporting our mission and ensuring that children in need have access to quality health care. We would not be able to accomplish what we do without the continued commitment of our dedicated members, community partners and friends.

As we look to another year, we hope you will help us as we strive to improve the health of children, one child at a time.

With appreciation,

Lynne Williams
President, Oak Park River Forest Infant Welfare Society

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